Applications of Geometry and Geometric Thinking - Day 2

From Dr. Hirst's Mat 5950 syllabus: The intent of this course is to introduce students to problems from the physical, biological and management sciences in which the mathematics of pre-algebra, algebra 1 and 2, pre-calculus, calculus and linear algebra are applied in the formulation and solution... -- in particular, problems in which the mathematical model has an analytical (equation or inequality) form NCTM Standards for Geometry Use Edit/Find to search for Modeling in this page

Proof as a Convincing Communication that Answers -- Why?

Double Bubble Problem

    Joel Hass solves the 2,000-year old Double Bubble Problem

    Double bubble is no trouble

    Blowing out the bubble reputation

    Cannonballs and Honeycomb: Kelvin

Homework 1 Solutions

Comparison of Analytic, Axiomatic, Physical and Sketchpad Models of Geometries

    Euclid's Elements, Book 1
    Euclidean Triangles
    Sketchpad for Little Ones

    Taxicab Geometry
    Taxi-Cab Treasure Hunt


    Poincare Disk Model

T-Shirt Activity

Geometric Modeling in Biology, Medicine and Geography

Geometric Modeling

    Unit Plan for Geometric Modeling