Geometry for Teachers of Grades 6-8
Spring 2002 Course Information

Meeting Times: 4:30-7:30 pm Monday nights at East Burke Middle School, Icard, NC

Instructors: Dr. William A. McGalliard, 828-262-2375,

Dr. Sarah J. Greenwald, 828-262-2363,

Appalachian State University
121 Bodenheimer
Walker Hall
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Boone, NC 28608
Department Phone 828-262-3050
Department Fax 828-265-8617

Description: During the first half of the semester, we will look at geometry from both the inductive and deductive positions with emphasis on congruence, similarity and parallelism. Additionally, constructions and transformations will be highlighted. Also, problems, novel approaches to content, and historical perspectives will be considered.

During the second half of the semester, we will revisit some of the topics that have been covered with pedagogical and technological (dynamic geometry software) discussions. In addition, a historical overview of geometry including recent exciting but accessible perspectives such as the geometry of the Earth and universe, the double bubble conjecture, and the solution to the question Can you hear the shape of a drum? will be explored.

Materials: Geometry Teacher's Activities Kit: Ready-to-Use Lessons & Worksheets for Grades 6-12 by Judith A. Muschla and Gary R. Muschla, published by The Center for Applied Research in Education.

Handouts will also be provided. A loose leaf notebook will be helpful for organizing your material and work.

Attendance: Class attendance, class participation, and completed assignments handed in on time are expected. Late work will not be accepted. Attendance and participation will be included as part of your grade.

Assessment: 50% of your grade will come from Dr. McGalliard's portion of the class.
50% of your grade will come from Dr. Greenwald's portion of the class.
See individual instructor's grading policies for more information.