1. Will the Search for Extraterrestrial Life Ever Succeed?
    a) I believe that we'll find sentient life forms
    b) I believe that we'll find alien microbes
    c) I believe that we'll find alien technology or signals
    d) more than one of the above
    e) I don't believe that we'll find alien life in any form

  2. Which reading did you find most convincing?
    a) YES: Using Radio in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence by Seth Shostak
    b) NO: SETI Requires a Skeptical Reappraisal by Peter Schenkel
    c) Equally convincing

  3. The "Pope's astronomer" Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno holds two planetary science degrees and has been with the Vatican Observatory since 1993. He has said that he would be pleased to baptise extra-terrestrials from beyond the stars who asked him to do so. He says that alien life will soon be discovered. He also stated that there was no conflict between religion and science in this matter. Which best describes your reaction?
    a) I strongly agree with Consolmagno
    b) I somewhat agree with Consolmagno
    c) I somewhat disagree with Consolmagno
    d) I strongly disagree with Consolmagno

  4. The non-profit Mars One Foundation is evaluating volunteers for a Mars colony starting in 2032 (a one-way trip). At the top of the list will be the search for any signs of life.
    a) Sign me up, Scotty!
    b) I'll stay right here on earth, thank you.

    Russia Thinks Alien Life May Exist on the International Space Station We have found traces of sea plankton and microscopic particles on the illuminator surface.