Discussion Questions for Convocation (to turn in at the start of class on Tuesday)
Discussion questions are written responses to targeted questions that are due in advance of a class discussion (so you may wish to make a copy for yourself to use during class). These may be hand written, informal notes.
  1. What aspects of convocation relate to science or mathematics? List all.
  2. Were any aspects of convocation controversial? If so, explain.
  3. Did anyone define Convocation and/or it's purpose? If so, list all who did and summarize what they said about it.
  4. What did you most enjoy about Wayne Henderson's speech? Explain.
  5. What did you least enjoy about Wayne Henderson's speech? Explain.
  6. Name at least one item from convocation that surprised you, that you disagreed with, or that you had a question on (and comment on your reactions)
  7. What resonated with you the most at convocation? Explain.