Reflection: Faculty Interview about Breakthroughs and Controversies in their Research

Find a faculty member on campus who conducts scholarship (broadly defined research) related to your future intended field, to science, or to mathematics, and who is willing to be interviewed (you may work in a group of 2 people or you may work alone). Interview the faculty member about
  • the breakthroughs in the professor's scholarly work/research
  • the controversies in the professor's scholarly work/research

    In your reflection, be sure to include:

    a) What is the name of the faculty member?
    b) What are the aspects of the interview that you found useful, surprising or interesting?
    c) What aspects of the interview and research, if any, relate to your own life or future plans? How do these aspects relate?
    Be sure to follow the reflection guidelines.

    In addition to the goals for reflections, this assignment also connects to
    LG 5: I can make connections with others and the university through a shared process of inquiry via regular attendance and respectful participation in our classroom community (community membership).