Media Research Project Presentation

This is to be an individual project. Choose one media article related to mathematics or science research.

During your presentation, briefly summarize your article and explain why you choose the article that you did. In addition, find at least two related scientific or mathematics research journal articles [ie technical articles that went through a rigorous academic peer review process before being published - if you are unsure about whether something is a technical scientific or mathematics research journal versus a media source, ask Dr. Sarah and also check for information about the editorial board and publishing process and intended audience]. Briefly summarize what you found in the journal articles and then be prepared to participate in a related class discussion.

In addition, turn in a typed reference list that mimics the reference style found in one of your journal articles. Be sure to include a reference for the original media article and your related journal articles, and to use professional notation as appropriate such as x2 instead of x^2 (in Microsoft Word, you can use Equation Editor via Insert/Object/Microsoft Equation for more complicated notation).

Your grade will be based on your typed reference list and the clarity of your scientific/mathematical discussion, as well as the clarity and depth of your formal reflection WebCT posting to Dr. Sarah.

Some Recent Media Articles about Scientific and Mathematical Research

  • EurekAlert! Science News
  • New York Science Times
  • Science [see library catalog]
  • Science News from Slashdot
  • Math News from Slashdot

    Some Association and Society News

  • Association for Computing Machinery
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) News
  • American Chemical Society News and Resources
  • American Institute of Biological Sciences
  • American Psychological Association Releases
  • American Physical Society Latest News
  • Association for Applied Sport Psychology News
  • Geological Society of America - Newsroom
  • Math in the Media from the American Mathematical Society.
  • Math in the News from the Mathematical Association of America
  • SIAM News from the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
  • ASA Articles of Interest from the American Statistical Association

    Finding Journal Articles

  • e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology and Statistics [once you have located an article, check to see whether it has been accepted for publication as some of the articles in this database are in the review process]
  • Library Database Collections by Subject
  • Library Research Guides by Subject