Research Project 1: Data Collection in the Common Reading Book Using Two Lenses

You may work alone or in a group of two people.

Lens 1: Science and Mathematics

Lens 2: Your choice - choose a theme or topic that is in the book. Here are some examples of just a few of the many themes/topics that occur in the book. I encourage you to be creative and find a lens that you are interested in.
  • Fame/reputation
  • Gender roles
  • Hand made
  • Innovation
  • Instrument building
  • Old-timey
  • Rural
  • Sports
  • Trading items
  • Value/worth
  • Waiting
  • What impacts instrument sound

    Part A (Research Notes for Lens 1)
    For the first lens (Science and Mathematics), research the occurrence in the book, and write down (to turn in) the page number (or range of page numbers) and briefly (and informally-may be handwritten) summarize the connections in your own words. You may also reflect more generally without page number:

    "Number" is represented in many pages of the book as years, prices, the name of an instrument, quantity...
    p. 1-3: Tim Duffy is a recording engineer

    The Google book search inside feature may be helpful in finding some references but additional connections can only be found by reading/skimming through the text.

    For your second lens, also research the occurrence in the book, but no need to turn in anything except Part B.

    Part B (Analysis) In a publication-quality typed exposition, briefly summarize the author's treatment of each lens in the book (minimum of one paragraph for each lens and maximum of 1/2 page single-spaced for each lens). For example for lens 1, you could include in your analysis (in your own words): The author is precise when it comes to representing numerical quantities such as year, prices and numbered instruments.

    The summary should be a "big picture" reflection rather than minute details. It should include your thoughts on how the author feels about the topic/theme, if there is evidence of that, how the author makes use of the topic/theme...

    Your project needs to be in your own words (with your partner if you choose to have one). Part A may be informal and handwritten while Part B needs to be formal, typed and printed. Utilize single-spacing to save paper.
    I am always happy to help and you can also obtain help at the university writing center.

    Connection to the Course and General Education Goals for FYS
    Builds research skills
    Utilizes two modes of inquiry
    In addition, this project connects to the following objectives:
    I. A. Recognize, differentiate, and effectively employ appropriate and increasingly sophisticated strategies to collect and interpret information;
    II. B. Use writing effectively to discover and develop ideas and to articulate positions in contexts of increasingly complexity;
    IV. C. Collaborate effectively with others in a shared process of inquiry and problem-solving.


    The project will be graded using this rubric

    Revision Opportunity

    You will have the opportunity to revise lens 1 using my suggestions, and this revision will count as 50% of the project grade (with the original version counting 50%). In addition, you will work with a larger group during class to compare and contrast your research and analysis.