Adapted from your papers

LG 1 conclusion (could be turned into an intro)
I discussed opposing views and brought in multiple perspectives from the past and the present.

Local to Global as a part of LG 1
... From conversations about ASU with my aunt who attended thirty years ago, there is certainly less snowfall. In saying that, once can search Google and conclude that across the world average snowfall has dropped due to climate change and current trends set by the weather are either diminishing or becoming more severe. Mt. Kilimanjaro, for instance, has seen a reduction in the snow covered peak of its summit. Once a white beacon across the savannah, it is now fading away as if passing on from this world. There are too many indicators, both far and close to home that indicate another massive shift in the ecological standpoint of the Earth. The world must recognize the factors and begin altering habits so that we can thrive and survive as a planet, not as a species.

LG 2 conclusion (could be turned into an intro)
I conducted research from a variety of sources, including scholarly sources, and I connected what I gathered to the topic at hand.

Scientific consensus as a part of LG 3
Skeptics are an important group in society who question the status-quo by challenging ideas and theories with evidence and data. Flat-earthers are skeptics who challenge the notion that the Earth is round. This bold claim is shocking to many because the fact that the Earth is round is common knowledge and accepted by 100% of scientists. At its core, the flat-earthed ideology is the pinnacle of skepticism in its rejection of accepted facts, and the epitome of pseudo-science in its rejection of the scientific method and of scientific consensus within the scientific community.

Personalization as a part of LG 3
These two pictures below are my personal photographs taken by my drone. At 400 feet in the air, the Earth still appears to look flat... I have flown my drone in Jacksonville, FL, Boone, NC, and Guadalajara, MX, and what do I see every time I head up high in the sky? The Earth looks flat at first but as we get higher we start to notice a round shape. That proves that no matter what perspective, whether from Boone or Guadalajara, 2058 miles away, the Earth is round. I believe that there is more than enough supporting evidence of a round earth... I also do not believe in the theory of a wall of ice. There is ice at the poles due to the geometrical shape of the planet. Sun rays do not reach as strongly to the poles compared to the equator... I personally believe that the Earth is round because my dogmata is based on the scientific investigation of the Earth's curvature. It is up to one's own beliefs to decide whether the Earth is flat or round, but before making any decisions, we should always look at the evidence.