Media Research Project Presentation Due Wed July 18th

This is to be an individual project. The New York Science Times occurs in the Tuesday edition, which we will receive each week. Choose one article from each of the three New York Times papers related to mathematics or science. Choose two articles from other sources dated in the last year about mathematical research.

During your presentation, for each of the 5 articles, briefly summarize each article and explain why you choose the articles that you did. In addition, for one New York Science Times article and one mathematics research article from another source, find at least two related journal articles and summarize what you found.

Some Recent Articles about Mathematical Research

  • Math in the Media from the American Mathematical Society.
  • Math Horizons from the Mathematical Association of America (Dr. Sarah has copies in her office).
  • Math in the News from the Mathematical Association of America
  • SIAM News from the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
  • ASA Articles of Interest from the American Statistical Association
  • Math News from Slashdot