Dr. Sarah's Spring 2017 Schedule

The best way to contact me outside of class is during office hours in 326 Walker Hall or as an ASULearn Forum Message.

Office hours Effective March 24th (and internet allowing) I'm initiating targeted (optional) Zoom office hours during your regular class time. Zoom on Monday at 8pm will remain an open Zoom for all my classes at once. We will be using a flipped asynchronous model, which I am working on.
[Usual are M 1:45-2:45, T/Th 11:45-1:45 and on the ASULearn Forums]

Office hours are held in 326 Walker Hall Any changes, extra additions or cancellations are announced online when possible. Sometimes, if no one comes to office hours, I go down the hall to the mailroom, photocopy machine, or to talk to another professor. If I am not in my office during office hours, you should walk down the hall to look for me, and interrupt to tell me that you are there. I am always around and happy to help you during office hours unless otherwise posted to the webpage. You do not need to make an appointment to use office hours - just drop by! I am happy to answer your questions, go over material you are not feeling comfortable with, or help you work on homework or projects. If someone else is in my office hours, join us - we'll take turns for questions. I strongly prefer that you use office hours, but if you can't make them, message me on ASULearn Forums, which will be answered at least once a day.





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11:00 Course Prep Course Prep Research Course Prep Course Prep

Course Prep Office Meetings Office Research

Course Prep Office Meetings Office Research
Office Meetings Research

Office 2240/103
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Meetings 2240/103
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1120/107 2240/103 Meetings 2240/103 Research
in 205 Course Prep Meetings Tea Research
3:30 1120/107
1120/107 Meetings 1120/107 Research

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Meetings 1120/107
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