Freeman A. Hrabowski, III

Born: 1950


In the Spring Semester of 2001, I took a Women and Minorities in Mathematics course at Appalachian State University under the instruction of Dr. Sarah Greenwald.  In this course, we researched and studied women and minority mathematicians.  This included in-depth studies of the mathematics researched by the mathematicians and discussions on gender and multicultural issues.


In a time where racism is still evident daily, certain persons of minority backgrounds have overcome many hurdles, proven society wrong, and become successful leaders.  One such man is Freeman Hrabowski, III.  Hrabowski, not an applied mathematician, but a math educator, is one of the persons I learned about.


Witnessing and experiencing many racist acts growing up, Hrabowski has become an inspiration to minority students in all studies, but especially in the science fields.  From the little boy subjected to hate crimes, he has become the President of a nationally renowned institution, University of Maryland at Baltimore County. 


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