Dudley Weldon Woodard



In the spring of 2001, I was a member of a seminar class at Appalachian State University taught by Dr. Sarah J. Greenwald.  The class, Women and Minorities in Mathematics, took a closer look at mathematics and the contribution of women and minorities to the field.  We examined many gender and multicultural issues that have arose throughout the entire history of mathematics.  We encountered many examples of blatant gender and racial discriminations, and studied how they are still observed today in mathematics. 

One man that overcame these barriers to become only the second African American to receive a PhD in mathematics was Dudley Weldon Woodard.  He was a very proud and strong-willed man who persevered and became a pioneer in the field of mathematics.  Although encountering many racial barriers along his way, Woodard was able to achieve success and pave the way for future African American students of mathematics.


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