Women and Minorities in Mathematics Paper 2 - Mathematicians Born 1900 - 1925

Work with at most 1 other person. Choose any woman or minority mathematician born between 1900 and 1925 (see pictures for some suggestions). Extra credit granted for choosing a Native American or Hispanic mathematician. Only 1 group per mathematician allowed - indicate your choice by posting a WebCT bulletin board message with the subject: mathematician name, and your name(s) as the content. First post on a given mathematician will get that mathematician.

Write a paper using the writing checklist as a guide, and prepare a presentation using the presentation checklist as a guide, and a worksheet using the worksheet checklist as a guide.
Choice of mathematician due Fri February 9th by 5pm
List of preliminary references due Fri February 16th by 5pm
Brief description of planned math due along with copy of relevant materials due Tues February 27th
Draft 1 due Tues March 6th at 5pm
Presentations of papers starting March 20 is 25% of paper 2 grade
Final draft (and computer file) due the day of the last presentation is 60% of paper 2 grade
Graded Classroom Worksheets and Computer File of Final Classroom Worksheet (and computer file) due 1 week after the last presentation. Worksheet is 15% of paper 2 grade.
I am happy to help you with any of these!

This is not an exhaustive list of mathematicians with accessible research papers. Some other places to look:
MAD American Indian and Hispanic Math Links
Agnes Scott College Women Mathematicians Chronological Index
MAD History of Blacks in Mathematics

Grinstein's Women of Mathematics book

David Harold Blackwell, 1919-

Marjorie Lee Browne 1914-1979

William Schieffelin Claytor 1908-1967

Joseph Dennis, 1905-1977

Evelyn Boyd Granville 1924-

Grace Murray Hopper 1906-1992

Ol'ga Ladyzhenskaya 1922-

Luna Mishoe, 1917-1989

Cathleen Morawetz 1923-

Chike Obi, 1921-

Adegoke Olubummo, 1923-1992

Julia Bowman Robinson 1919-1985

Mary Ellen Rudin 1924-

Alice T. Schafer 1915-

Jane Cronin Scanlon, 1922-

Clarence Stephens, 1917-

Beauregard Stubblefield 1923-

Olga Taussky-Todd 1906-1995

J. Ernest Wilkins, Jr., 1923-