Hypatia's Work on Archimedes Dimension of the Circle

Hypatia's Work on Archimedes Dimension of the Circle


From The Primary Souces for the Life and Work of Hypatia of Alexandria, by Michael A.B. Deakin

The most ambitious attempt to recover what traces of Hypatia's influence still remain in extant mathematical writing is Knorr's (op. cit. supra); this endeavour has been criticised by Cameron (op. cit. supra). In particular, Knorr suggests that traces of Hypatia's hand may be found in other parts of Theon's Commentary on the Almagest, and also in the surviving text of Apollonius' Conics. He also suggests that a version of Archimedes' Dimension of the Circle shows some of her influence, and goes on to advance even more speculative suggestions.

From Hypatia's Mathematics: A Review of Recent Studies, by Edith Prentice Mendez

Knorr continues his analysis with the tentative inference that Hypatia edited a group of documents of Archimedes' Dimension of the Circle and Sphere and Cylinder and an anonymous On Isoperimetric Figures [24, 780].

Classroom Discussion on Knorr

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Proof of the Dimension of the Circle
Glimpse of Greek, Arabic, Hebrew and Latin versions
Discussion that Knorr learned Arabic and Hebrew and then began to analyze for stylistic differences, and found similarities to the exercises in Ptolemy which he attributed to Hypatia.