Women in Mathematics Paper 1 - The 18th the 19th Centuries

Work with at most 1 other person. Choose one of the following mathematicians. (Only 1 group per mathematician allowed).

Research and write a paper (refer to the grading checklist as a guide)
Part 1: An overview (in your own words) of her life and work
Part 2: A detailed description (in your own words) on the aspect of her mathematics that I have designated below. Give simple examples, then the general statement, and outline proofs when possible.
Be sure to include footnotes, and lists of references and web references.

Choice of mathematician due Wed, Aug 25th
Draft 1 due Tues, Sep 7 at 5pm
Final Draft and presentation of your paper due Fri, Sep 17 - 24th

Maria Gaetana Agnesi 1718-1799

Mathematics: What is the witch of Agnesi? What did Maria Agnesi prove about it? How is it used today?

Sophie Germain 1776-1831

Mathematics: What is Fermat's Last Theorem, and how did Sophie Germain contribute to the solution?

Sonia Kovalevsky 1850-1891 was the first woman to earn a doctorate in mathematics.

Mathematics: What is the Kovalevskaia Top? What ideas went into her solution? How is this used today?

Emmy Noether 1882-1935

Mathematics: What is a Noetherian Ring? What did this have to do with Emmy Noether?