Women in Mathematics Paper 2 - Mathematicians Born 1900 - 1925

Work with at most 1 other person. Choose a woman mathematician born between 1900 and 1925 (see pictures for suggestions). (Only 1 group per mathematician allowed).

Research and write a paper (refer to the grading checklist as a guide)
Part 1: An overview (in your own words) of her life and work
Part 2: A detailed description (in your own words) on some aspect of her mathematics. Give simple examples, then the general statement(s), and outline proofs when possible.
Be sure to include footnotes, and lists of references and web references.

Choice of mathematician due Wed, Sep 22
Description of the aspect of her mathematics you will concentrate on and a list of preliminary references due Wed Sep 29
Draft 1 due Fri October 8 at 5pm
Final Draft due Fri October 15
Presentations of papers starting October 15

Marjorie Lee Browne 1914-1979

Evelyn Boyd Granville 1924-

Grace Murray Hopper 1906-1992

Ol'ga Ladyzhenskaya 1922-

Cathleen Morawetz 1923-

Julia Bowman Robinson 1919-1985

Mary Ellen Rudin 1924-

Alice T. Schafer 1915-

Olga Taussky-Todd 1906-1995