Women in Math Paper 3 - Mathematicians Born after 1925

Work with at most 1 other person. (Only 1 group per mathematician allowed).

Research and write a paper (refer to the grading checklist as a guide) on a woman mathematician born after 1925 who is not presently at ASU.
Part 1: An overview (in your own words) of her life and work
Part 2: A detailed description (in your own words) on some aspect of her mathematics. Give simple examples, then the general statement(s), and outline proofs when possible.
Be sure to include footnotes, and lists of references and web references. In addition, include a list of her papers (MathSciNet and other sources) and students (genealogy web site).

Choice of mathematician due Wed, Oct 20
Description of the aspect of her mathematics you will concentrate on and a list of preliminary references due Wed, Nov 3
Draft 1 due Wed Nov 10 at 5pm
Presentations of papers starting Nov 19

The following may help you choose a mathematician:
Books on reserve
Biographies and Profiles of Women in Mathematics
SUNY Buffalo's Mathematicians of the African Diaspora History of Black Women in the Mathematical Sciences
Agnes Scott College's Chronological Index of Women Mathematicians
Agnes Scott College's Prizes, Awards, and Honors for Women Mathematicians