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The CS4ALL NSF Supported Program at Appalachian State University

Summer 2021 Dates: (June 13 - July 9)

The Department of Computer Science at Appalachian State University has received funding from the National Science Foundation to establish a CS4ALL Program in collaboration with the NC State Friday Institute and the neighboring high schools in NC, TN, and VA. The objective is to train high school teachers to teach AP CS Principles in their schools. During this four-week summer program, participants will gain skills that they can utilize to establish an AP CS Principle course and create instructional and support material for their course. In addition, participants will have hands-on experience with some CS modules that they can use in their courses.

Funding and Support

All participants will receive:
  • A certificate that they have completed the AP CS Principles training.
  • $4,000 stipend for completing the four week program.
  • Limited funding for workshop participation during academic year.
  • Housing, meal fund, parking, and access to the gym during the four week program.
  • Program Dates

    Summer 2021: June 13 - July 9.