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Google Makes Machine Learning Faster

Facebook gives 10-year-old Finnish genius $10,000 for finding security flaw

Police Can Force You to Unlock Your Phone

The Self-Driving Car Industry Goes to Washington

Professor Designs Robotic Diver With Articulated Hands

It Costs $5M to Keep Zuckerberg Safe

Climate Change Lulling Americans into False Sense of Security

Outwitting Poachers with AI

Chromebooks to get Google Play Store

Oracle Bolsters Computer Science Education

Google Chrome to mark all HTTP sites as 'bad'

Google warns 760,000 websites they've been hijacked

Youtube to live-stream 360-degree videos

Stephen Hawkings Plan for Interstellar Travel

Ocean Changes in Antarctic Waters

Facebook Activates Safety Check Feature

Google Self-Driving Car Delayed

New Images of Early Planet Formation

Software that Keeps the World's Clocks in Sync

AlphaGo Beats Champion Go Player

Facebook and Google Expand Encryption

Facebook Donates Servers in Effort to Progress AI

How do we teach teachers to code?

Facebook is Building the World's Most Detailed Population Map

Galaxy's missing gas found

NASA introduces new telescope

Google Translate Now Caters to 99% of Online Population

Gravitational Waves Detected

Women in STEM Majors

Cryptography and the Internet of Things

Life After Facebook

Microsoft's Hololens Could Project NFL Games on Your Coffee Table

Project Natick

Gas Cloud to Collide with Our Galaxy

Google's Go AI Beats Human Champion

Neptune-Sized Planet Lurks Beyond Pluto

Drone Explores Ice Caves

Microsoft Acquires MinecraftEdu

A New Way to Explore Dark Matter

A Renewable Supergrid

The Ig Nobels

Orion Ready for Test

Wireless Water Meter

Bitcoin Creating New Words

Floating Wind Turbines off California's Coast?

Space Telescopes Will Find the Next Earth

The Future of Bitcoin

Wal-Mart Wants to Use Delivery Drones

The Future of Encryption

Artificial Intelligence Outperforms Human Data Scientists

Tesla Model S Autopilot Beta Released

Research Team Collects Data on Hackers

The Lunar Race is On

Path to 5G

Cybersecurity System IDs Malware

Mars Shows Signs of Having Flowing Water

Can Machine Learning Techniques Predict Epidemics?

3-D Printing Model Hearts

Fuzzy Logic of Crowd Evacuations

Controlling a Robot on Earth From the ISS Using Haptic Feedback

Tips for a More Efficient Software Engineer

A Terahertz Multiplexer

New System Could Enable Huge Multi-Core Computer Chips

NSF Supports Development of New Arctic Maps

Robots Destined to Tumble Across Asteroids

Lasers Can Despin Asteroids

The First Open Source Graphics Processor

Researcher Hacks Self-Driving Car

Robot Submarine Assassinates Sea Stars

A Driving App to Crowdsource the Weather

New Horizons Gets Next Target

Synchronization Controls Could Help Smooth Microgrids

Computer Scientists Find Bias in Algorithms

Electric Cars Recharged on the Highway

Observation of Cosmic Neutrinos Confirmed

First Week of College Classes: Get a Good Start

Low Self-Control is a Threat to Security

Analysis of Website Interaction

STEM Gender Gap is Overblown

Teaching Children to Program Robots

Teacher's Biases Discourage Girls From Math and Science

800,000 Microinverters Reprogrammed in One Day

HTTP/2 Coming Soon to Browsers

Scientists Reprogram Plants for Drought Tolerance

Care-O-Bot 4 Is the Robot Servant We All Want

TED Talks

Humans could evolve to survive in space

Computer Grows Food

To the North Pole

Optical Illusions

Math Magic

Glow-in-the-dark sea creatures

Controlling Someone Else's Arm With Your Brain

Robots to the Rescue

The Man Who Cracked Wall Street

Small Robots of the Future

Human-Computer Cooperation