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Current S-STEM Scholars

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S-STEM currently highlights students who are members of the S-STEM/ECRS programs.

S-STEM Mentoring Teams - Fall 2021

Emma Allen (CS), Loly Amaya (CHEM), Annie Sylvester (Anderson) (PHYS), Sydney Andrews (PHYS), Sarah Davis (CS - ECRS), Kayla Friend (CS), Joe Graber (CS), Brooke Henderson (CHEM), Bryan Hill (CS), Joseph Howard (CS - ECRS), Jaydan Hush (PHYS), AbdelRahman Issa (CS-Grad), Alex Johnson (MATH), Henry Jones (CS - ECRS), Kyle Joyce (CS - ECRS Grad Fellow), Alcinder Lewis (CS), Ethan Little (CS)-ECRS), Nick Mencis (MATH), Will O'Brien (CS - ECRS), Alivia Paredes (CS), Gabriel Paredes (PHYS), Christian Payne (MATH-Grad), Gabriel Ramirez (CHEM), Andrew Reeves (CS - ECRS Grad Fellow), Jakon Stanley (CS - ECRS) Ben Underwood (CS-Grad), and Amy Zal (CS - ECRS).

Team 1: Andrew Reeves (Leader), Emma Allen, and Abdel Issa, and Will O'Brien

  • Mentor: Dr. Parry, Project:
    Scheduled Meetings: Wednesday 5-7 pm

Team 2: Christian Payne (Leader), Nick Mencis, Alex Johnson, and Hannah Joyner

  • Mentor: Dr. Palmer, Project: 1) Matrix Factorials, and 2) Types of Rounding (What if we remove the penny from our currency system?)
  • Scheduled Meetings: Wednesdays 3:30 pm

Team 3: Kyle Joyce (Leader), Sarah Davis, Jakon Stanley, and Amy Zal

  • Mentor: Dr. Tashakkori: Basic Computer Game Development using JavaScript
  • Scheduled Meetings: Tuesdays Noon-2 pm, Room 202

Team 4: Joe Graber (Leader), Bryan Hill, Ethan Little, AJ Lewis, and Joseph Howard

  • Mentor: Dr. Tashakkori, Project: Embedded Schedule in ASULearnTBD
  • Scheduled Meetings: Thr 6=8 pm, Room 314TBD

Team 5: Ben Underwood (Leader), Alivia Paredes, Kayla Friend, and Henry Jones

  • Mentor: Dr. Norris, Project: TBD
  • Scheduled Meetings: Mondays 3-5 pm, Room 202

Team 6: Loly Amaya & Gabriel Ramirez (Co-Leaders), and Brooke Henderson

  • Mentor: Dr. Cecile, Project: Incorporating the past work with Z’s work on dimethyl sulfide monooxygenases.TBD
  • Scheduled Meetings: Thursdays 11:00am - 1:00 pmTBD

Team 7: Gabriel Paredes (Leader), Annie Anderson, Sydney Andrews, and Jaydan Hush

  • Mentor: Dr. Brooke Hester, Project: ??
  • Scheduled Meetings:

Team 8: Shams Ahmed (Leader) and Isaac Pugh

  • Mentor: Dr. Steve Hageman, Project: ??
  • Scheduled Meetings:

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